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Conflict Management & De-Escalation Skills Awareness 15th December 2016

Nicholas Davies of N Davies Training - Trainer in Personal Safety

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Conflict Management & De-Escalation Awareness Course on 15th December 2016 here at Hour-Office, Shrewsbury.

Have you ever been in a conflict situation and not known how to handle it? Have you actually found that in that conflict situation things have started to get out of hand and you have started to fear for your safety or the safety of others? Have you even succumbed to the condition known as ‘red mist’, where you have been drawn into the conflict even further and not known how to get yourself out of it?

Well, if that is the case then you are certainly not alone, because the vast majority of human beings will tend to use what is known as the ‘fight or flight’ response in such situations. That is all very well, but it is a little bit out-of-date. Do not get me wrong on this score, because the ‘fight or flight’ physiological and psychological response is actually important and it has evolved in order to keep us safe in dangerous situations. However when it comes to the modern environment where situations of interpersonal human conflict will occur, it is not always the most appropriate response.

There are certain situations where it is appropriate, but in the vast majority it is not and actually it can aggravate the conflict as opposed to eliminating it. If you happen to be in a front-line customer facing role such as customer service, security, care sector etc, then knowing effective de-escalation skills in order to manage threats to your personal safety or to the safety of others is actually quite important. This is where de-escalation skills come in.

Actually, they are also important in a social context as well. If you happen to be out and about with your friends or family or just by yourself, knowing effective de-escalation skills can help to keep you safe in social situations.

There are people who are experienced already and know how to de-escalate and they can actually do it quite naturally and that is great, but for a lot of people we do not have that luxury and we need to be trained. This is where somebody like me comes in because I am an experienced and qualified Conflict Management Trainer and I have been doing it for a few years.

However, I have also attended a couple of Conflict Management master classes for trainers this year with NFPS Ltd and actually assisted with them. I actually learnt some very useful skills on both of these master classes which consisted of skills which were a little bit more than the ‘bog-standard’ Conflict Management training which you get. They are actually based on such things as NLP, hypnotherapy and mindfulness and other related areas of psychology so it made it a little bit different from the standard training which you normally get.

What I am aiming to do is to share these skills with you, therefore I am going to be running a Conflict Management and De-Escalation Training Awareness course at Hour-Office in Shrewsbury on 15 December 2016. The first 12 people that book on to that course will get a 25% discount.

So not only will you learn these skills which I have learnt and which I am going to pass on to you, but also you will get a 25% discount if you book on to this course. However, you need to book on straight away as the venue is limited to 12 people and therefore I can only let 12 people onto the first course – with the 25% discount.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity then book on as soon as you can. I very much look forward to seeing you there.

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